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Police Back on Enforcing Quality of Life Laws

The Police Department has issued an advisory that they will continue to crack down on quality of life offences.  Douglas Hyde is the department’s Public Relations Officer.


“The Officer Commanding Eastern Police Division, Senior Superintendent Chester Williams, last week Friday gave a directive to all the senior officers specifically Precinct 1 and 2, as a reminder and also an encouragement to the general public that we will enforce the law when it comes to loitering and public drinking. We’ve seen for the most part of this year, the first six months, a lot of the shootings, the incidents of crime has been targeted at persons loitering on the corner of the streets and in front of stores publicly drinking especially having bottles in hand. So we are sending a key reminder to the public as encouragement, please, our police officer will warn you but they also have the discretion likewise to arrest and charge you in this process and we want people to work with us because because we have seen how this had become a serious concern with the general public when the nuisance of noise, broken bottles and people just being out at the corner of the lane late at night not being productive and so the police officers will address this and we ask the general public to work with us on this.”