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Police believe Iverson Neal may still be alive

23 year old Iverson Neal is among the list of people who have been reported missing and remain missing. Neal was last seen a week ago near El Rancho located in the outskirts of Belmopan City. Police said that they have maintained communication with the family and are too following on leads. ASP Alejandro Cowo says they believe Neal may still be alive. Here is why.

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: “Family members have planned a search walk as part of efforts to locate missing Iver Neal. Shamira Peters who is longing for the safe return of her missing son spoke to Love News.”

Shamira Peters, Mother of Iver Neal: “I am the mother of Iver Neal that went missing last Wednesday, the last time we heard from him was  6:45 Wednesday morning and from then up to now we haven’t heard from him so we are doing a search walk this Friday the 21st December 2018 so we can cover some ground. Hopefully we find him or find something that can lead to him being missing.”

Paul Mahung: “Can you give us details of the search walk?”

Shamira Peters, Mother of Iver Neal: Well we will be walking from St. Matthew’s Primary School towards Belmopan because the last place that they saw him was in El Rancho and he made a stop at a Gallery Box.”

Paul Mahung: “What would be the contact number?”

Shamira Peters, Mother of Iver Neal: The contact number is 653-5799. If anybody would like to come and help us, feel freely and I will gladly appreciate it.”

Paul Mahung Toledo Correspondent: “Shamira said that her 23 year old son Iver Neal is also known as Iverson Neal or Iver Olvas. Paul Mahung Toledo Correspondent,Love News.”