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Police believe Orange Walk shooting is another in string of gang related violence in that municipality

Police say they have evidence to believe that gang rivalry was the possible reason for another shooting in Orange Walk Town. That happened on Sunday after five o’clock in the evening when 22-year-old David Dennis Dias was shot on his knee.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, Belize Police Department: “Information is that Mr.David was standing at the corner of Staine’s Alley and Belize Corozal Road when he was approached by a male person and upon that person approaching him at a distance of about ten feet the male person pulled out a firearm and fired several shots at him causing the above mentioned injuries. He is still admitted in the hospital in a stable condition. I was informed that he will be discharged sometime this evening. We also learned that he knows who his attackers are and he already informed the police and the police are seeking one male persons in regards to the shooting incident.”

Reporter: Any possible motive to this particular shooting?

ASP Alejandro Cowo, Belize Police Department: “We understand that it is possible this gang rivalry that is occuring in Orange Walk between the two different gangs that exist in Orange Walk.”

Police also confirmed that Dias is connected to a previous shooting victim in that municipality.