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Police believe teenager was lured to his death

San Pedro police are trying to figure out who killed 16 year old Julian Tun over the weekend and why. Tun was shot to death at around eleven o’clock on Saturday night while on Seagrapes Drive on the island. Police say he was shot to the cheek, head and abdomen. San Pedro Commanding Officer Superintendent Henry Jemmot told the media that nine persons have been detained for questioning.

Supt. Henry Jemmott – OC, San Pedro Police
“Police was called out to an area near a resort South of San Pedro where the incident was shots being fired in an area. Police proceeded to that location where they saw a fair skinned male person motionless on the ground. Initial investigations into this matter is that this said male person went to that location to meet someone after which he was removed from the compound and then later her returned. Then he encountered two male persons and that is when we think that the fatal incident occurred, that he was shot.”

“We understand that he is the individual who fired at an individual coming out of Queen Street Police Station?”

Supt. Henry Jemmott – OC, San Pedro Police
“That is the allegation that we encountered as well and we are also investigating to see if that is the issue.”

“Are there any other leads as to a motive?”

Supt. Henry Jemmott – OC, San Pedro Police
“No that is the only lead that we have the most concrete lead the we have and we are engaging in an investigation geared on finding the persons who have committed this last incident.”

Tun travelled to San Pedro Town on Saturday morning.