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Police Blotter: robbery suspect arrested and Postmortem results of murder victims conducted

On June 23 Mario Graniel, a well-known tour guide from San Pedro Town was with US National Doctor Gary Paul Swank on a skiff behind Ambergris Caye when they were murdered by assailants who shot at them from a passing vessel. A postmortem examination was conducted on the bodies of both men on June 24. Graniel’s cause of death was certified to be traumatic asphyxiation as a result of multiple, right lung injuries due to gunshot wounds. The result of Swank’s postmortem examination was certified as traumatic asphyxiation, as a result of left lung and trachea injuries due to multiple gunshot wounds.

 There was a fatal traffic accident in the Toledo District on June 24. The police in that district say that at 8:50 a.m. on Monday, 80 year old Pablo Ack attempted to cross the highway to get on a bus that was travelling from San Antonio Village to Punta Gorda Town. Ack, a resident of Santa Teresa Village did not make it across the road as he was hit by a truck driven by 25 year old Alessandro Sanchez. Pablo Ack succumbed to his injuries while undergoing treatment and the driver of the truck, Alessandro Sanchez was taken into custody.

The police in Toledo were in hot pursuit of a suspicious vehicle. Though the suspects got away, the cops retrieved their illicit cargo. On Monday, while conducting a patrol at the entrance of San Antonio village, a grey Ford runner with license plate BZ 36909 fled the scene. The cops pursued the vehicle and when it reached Buena Vista Village, one of the occupants of the vehicle threw several parcels out the window. The cops pursued the packages which contained 2,500 grams of cannabis. The cannabis packages were taken into custody for processing. The vehicle was found without its occupants in San Jose Village.

 Ping An Store in St. Margaret’s Village was robbed by armed men on June 22. The police say that after they held up the proprietor, the thieves stole an assortment of items including cash, cell phones and a nine millimeter pistol.The cops believe they found one of the culprits and today they formally arrested and charged 18 year old Moises Garbutt, an unemployed man from Roaring Creek Village in the Cayo District for 3 counts of Robbery.