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Police Booth Installed near clinic

Part of the Belize City’s landscape and culture is the regular sightings of tacos stands and coke booths or kiosks. But the landscape, due to crime also has police booths. A small ceremony was held today to inaugurate the latest installation of a police booth on Magazine Road. Love News attended and found out why it was significant to have this particular booth at that location.  

Jose Sanchez: “Very small and easy to relocate Police booths ensure the presence of the law. Alexia Rosado the administrator for the Matron Roberts Poli Clinic says that one was needed at that location.

Alexia Rosado: “This is just to keep the community and the area safe for our patients, for our staff and for our people who transport a lot in these areas. The reason the booth came in, we came in partnership with the Police Department, we have had several meetings with Mr. Gillette whereby we decided that it’s necessary to put a booth here for the increase of crime that we have been having this area.

Jose Sanchez: At the end of August when six persons were killed and Police instituted a lock down, one of the victims were 23 year old Shaquille Baiza. Baiza was gunned down after he left the Machon Roberts Poli Clinic. Do you think this would offset some of the violence in the area?

Superintendent Howell Gillet:Of course that is one of the main purposes why were are doing this because we have seen in the past, as a matter of fact in the most recent past where a person was killed right in this vicinity and we don’t want that. We are so terribly sorry that it did occur but we are trying to do all  that we can to offset things like that and other criminal activities.

Alexia Rosado: “ Our greatest fear is that we have patients accessing care, healthcare and we are fearing that in the middle of the violence, our patients, our staff can be hurt. It is a busy community, we have the bank around here, we have the clinic, Green Thatch, dental services so it is a well used street in Belize .

Superintendent Howell Gillet: Whether you come from a troubled neighborhood, you should have accessibility to healthcare.

Jose Sanchez Love News.

The police booth was funded by the Ministry of Health. It will remain open during working hours of the polyclinic.

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