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Police bust men with 3 parcels of cocaine and make a big Weed bust in the north

A cocaine bust occurred yesterday in Silk Grass Village, Stann Creek District.  Reports reaching our news centre indicate that the bust happened during a house search in the village when someone went to there to make a purchase.  Police Commissioner, Chester Williams, was on hand today to give us information on this case.

Reporter: “Down south, yesterday, Hopkins?”

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “ Yesterday evening police in Hopkins received information of drug deal that was about to go down. Based on that they visited a house in the Silk Grass area where upon arrival they saw a male person fleeing the house carrying a bag. He was pursued and during the pursuit, he threw the bag. He was captured quickly, brought back to the location where the bag was thrown and upon inspection of the bag police found two parcels of cocaine each weighing 1 kilo. He was taken back to the house where others were detained at the time and police conducted a search of a vehicle owned by a figure from Orange Walk and the search of that vehicle yielded one additional parcel of cocaine, again another Kilo and $39,500 in cash. Those persons: the man from Orange Walk, the one from Silk Grass and another person, there were three of them, are currently detained at the Dangriga Town Police Station pending charges of drug trafficking.”

The men charged for the cocaine bust are Matthew Williams and Robert Nolberto.  The search was carried out by Hopkins Police Formation.  The police department is evidently not resting on its laurels as on the heels of the cocaine bust in the south, it has made a substantial weed bust in the north. Over 50 pounds of high grade cannabis and two firearms were confiscated during an operation last night. The Compol said that they have detained suspects as the investigation continues.

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “Well, we currently have an operation going on in the south and countrywide. If you notice you have seen a number of good work being done by the police and I can tell you again that we had a huge drug bust in the north last night. Couple hours ago nabbed two firearms in Benque so the police are across the country doing good work but the operations countrywide are geared at looking at drug traffickers, looking at gang members and to see how we can continue to suppress the issue of crime and violence across the country. In respect to the drug bust in the north, again police was called to the area of the northern border by members of Customs. Upon arrival, they saw a person detained along with the Customs officer, they held onto that person who had a bag. The Police were told that other suspects had run into the back area and they went, two other persons were captured and Police also found additional bags. Those bags were retrieved and ended up containing a total of 23 kilos of high-grade cannabis and so those three persons are currently detained in police custody and they will be charged likewise for drug trafficking.”