Police Cadet in PG get wind instruments

Police Cadet in PG get wind instruments

The Belize Police Department Cadet Corp in Punta Gorda has been a beneficiary of Sir Colville Young’s Music in Schools Program. The cadet corp received drums and other instruments to provide access to quality music education to the corp’s members. Assistant Superintendent Brent Hamilton, Sr. told Love News that additional help has been provided to his organisation’s music program. 

ASP Brent Hamilton, OIC Punta Gorda Police: “First of all I’d like to say thank you to the donor, the music school out of Florida. The instruments will help us a lot in Toledo. What is happening is that earlier I got some band instruments from the Dr.Colville Young School initiative so when I walked into CY’s Mr.Young decided that he wanted to help and so he had fostered the donor and now those thirty two wind instruments are now heading to Toledo today and how that’s going to impact the people of Toledo ? The Cadet program is about collaboration with other youths and so forth so what I will I do will get some other youths from within the town and from the schools and to make a united band and to make sure that everyone access to some sort of alternative from crime and violence and they could play some type of music.”

The man, who led the charge in procuring the wind instruments, is long-time music teacher and the former GG’s son, Colville Young, Jr. He told Love News why he felt these 32 saxes, trombones, and trumpets will help.

Colville Young Jr, Owner & Manager, CY’s Music: “Some time in the past the Sir Colville Young Music in Schools Program had donated some musical instruments down to ASP Hamilton’s Cadet Corp in PG. Now that donation was mainly drums and cymbals and the like and I thought it would be a good idea if we could get someone to donate some wind instruments to compliment those. So I contacted Mr.James Zenderman from Infinity Electronics in Miami and he agreed to assist by supplying them with some of those instruments that they needed.”

Young also told us that he hopes that this program will go beyond teaching students and provide access to music teachers as well. Young and his wife are also the proprietors of CY’s Music, a leading business for musical instruments.

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