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Police Capture Fantasia Masked Men

Fantasia is a bar in the Yaborough area of Belize City. It was attacked by masked men who broke into the building and held up the employees. But ASP Alejandro Cowo says swift police work led to the arrest of the suspects on Sunday.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “ The same time the Expo was going on, three male person enter Fantasia restaurant located on #6 Queen Charlotte. They entered through the back of the building through a door and they tied up four of the persons that were inside of the building. One of them managed to escape and as a result he alerted the police. The checkpoint who was in that immediate area responded along with another police mobile and upon the arrival the observe three male persons fleeing for the building. They were captured and Police found two firearms: one in a lot adjacent to the building and one inside of the building. The persons inside of the house were untied and they were safe at the moment. They are from that same area. The three male persons who were captured by Police are Trevor Guy, Tyron Guy and Leon Westby. There was some amount of cash up to now cannot be as certain how much but it is not a big amount and personal cell phones and other small items that were recovered from the three male persons on the same day.”

Though the thieves ditched their masks, the police recovered them along with a nine millimeter pistol and a point thirty eight revolver. Assistant Superintendent Cowo says the men will be charged on Tuesday.