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Police charge one man with the murder of Luis Monge

Thirty five year old Richard Hyde has been charged for the murder of Luis Monge. Hyde is accused of fatally stabbing Monge on Friday morning at La Cabana Night Club in Belmopan. According to reports, it all happened after Monge attempted to retrieve a gold chain that had been stolen from a woman. He got into a fight during which he was stabbed. He was taken to the Western Regional Hospital where he died. ACP Jospeh Myvett provided more details of Hyde’s capture.

ACP Joseph Myvette:Police was in the area of Sultana St. early Friday morning some time shortly after three when the Police observed a struggle between three persons. Upon the Police’s approaching the area where the struggle was going on, two of the persons fell during the struggle and the third person attempted to run away but was caught up with by the Police who we had a brief struggle with as well in an attempt to escape. However he was shortly recaptured and brought into custody and has since Saturday been arrested and charged for the crime of murder. Other charges are forthcoming as soon as the other witness is able to give his statement his charges will be preferred and also Richard Hyde has some pending matters which today are going on in the Supreme Court in relation to a robbery”