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Police chase caused chaos and left one injured

A man was shot to the head this evening as he tried to get away from a police mobile that was in pursuit in the downtown area of Belize City.  It is unclear where the chase started or why but by the time Allyson Major Junior reached the Regent and Albert Street intersection, things came to a head.    Major was reportedly driving a Chevy pickup truck and could not maneuver his way pass a passenger bus and that is where police caught up with him.  Multiple reports of shots fired in the area, reached our newsroom and when we got out there, Major was being taken out of his truck, placed in the police mobile and headed to the hospital for gunshot injuries.  An eyewitness gave an account of what he recalls.

Eyewitness: “He drove the pick up and crashed there because he had already passed the clock. All I saw was him starting to shoot the man on his wheel and at the same time the chair went down and he started firing shots after the man, they told the man stop, stop. When he stopped they dragged him out of the pickup and threw him in the back of one of the high pickups. I saw him trying to pull on the side here and then I heard gunshots, he was still driving, he was fighting the wheel to not go across the street and they still fired shots at him.

As noted by the eyewitness, Major had a passenger in his truck who fled the scene.  We will have more on this story as the information becomes available.