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Police Close in on the Killer of Fifteen Year Old Dwayne Gabourel

As investigators make significant progress in solving the murder of Jeoffrey Crawford they have encountered a hiccup or two in making an arrest in the September 25 killing of 15-year-old, Dwayne Gabourel. Police Commissioner Williams says they will not give up.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “We have the main suspect in custody. Have been going through a number of video footage because the issue of identification is a concern. Investigators are working overtime trying to get the evidence that we need to be able to effect an arrest because we are sure that the person we have is the suspect. But we had also interviewed a number of persons who were in the area when the incident occurred and again as is always the case these people are mute, or those who speak to us do not want to give a statement to us and this is what I’m saying that often times we’re accused of not being able to investigate properly when in fact one must understand that an investigation does require human element. Those persons who witnessed what occurred need to speak to investigators and not only speak to investigators but also give investigators statements that we can have to go to court and that is not forthcoming at this time but we’re not giving up, we continue to push at it because at the end of the day we really and truly want to ensure that we do what we can within the limits of the law to ensure that the perpetrator of this crime is put away.”

Dwayne Gabourel was shot to death at the corner of New Road and Pickstock Street in Belize City. He will be laid to rest on Saturday in Belize City.