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Police Commanders Tackling Crime

Even though the country is divided into different police jurisdictions, each commanding officer has his or her own preventative methods in fighting crimes. With the recent spike in crimes, the media had an opportunity to ask ACP Chester Williams, ACP Edward Broaster and ACP Dezerie Phillips, all commanders for Eastern Division, how they plan to work together in order to decrease crime.


“I will tell you that it is up indeed but in the past Belize District used to be the area that had the murder count so high but I will tell you that from all the different regions the Belize region is the only region that has the murder count below where it was last year. We do share practices with the other commanders outdistrict and they look at the different strategies that we use and they adopt it . Some of them call me, I am sure they call Ms. Phillips, they call Mr. Broaster and ask us what we are doing but we must understand that even though it is up in those areas, different regions have different dynamics so there are other factors that is contributing to their increase. I don’t think that increase is attributed to   inefficient policing because the commanders out there are also doing their best to see how they can contain the crime situation within their areas.”


“While in Belize city the murders are mixed between gangs and sometimes alcohol and other disputes, in the Cayo district it’s mostly alcohol and domestic so for us in the rural Eastern division we see ourselves as the district defense dome. While we may not have the wherewithal to intercept as much drugs and firearms being smuggled into the city we are working on trying to get resources that are needed to do just that. Nevertheless we have had some successes in intercepting drugs and guns and what have you and we are working hard at developing intelligence because that is the key, if you don’t have the intelligence when they are coming and who they are working with then you will not be successful so we are working on that.”


“It is a study that we are doing with respect to the tracking of the vehicles were it is monitored closely and a system set up where an alarm is received when the vehicles leave the area of responsibility. We have seen that it has proven good results for us because it is also shown where we have actually seen decrease in the consumption of fuel because officers keep within their area of patrol.”