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Police Comment Social Media Feud Between Two Women

Over the weekend thousand here, social media users in Belize were captivated by two feuding women. They took to Facebook where they posted several live videos hurling slurs and insults at each other, even claiming the use of black magic and the selling of drugs. Our newsroom understands that the incident surrounded a bitter love triangle involving a gentleman who is currently incarcerated. While the incident was thoroughly entertaining for some and appalling for others, Public Relations for the Police Department ASP Fitzroy Yearwood says it may be a case of cyberbullying.

ASP. Fitzroy Yearwood, Public Relations Officer, Belize Police Department: “I have seen on more than one occasions where people have been tarnished and nothing done about it and I hope that someone would come forward, make a report and let us exercise the cyberbullying laws because the laws are there for that. For the contents of this whole back and forth obviously they had a subject in common that they were going back and forth about. I would advise that person to make a report. If neither of them wants to come forward then the subject can make an official report and lets see where that goes from there.”

Reporter: Sir one of the videos, one of the women alleges that she sells drugs, is that aspect being looked at by the police ? 

ASP. Fitzroy Yearwood, Public Relations Officer, Belize Police Department: “Like I said I only heard about these videos. But if you confess publicly on social media that you’re a drug dealer don’t you expect repercussions for your confession ? So I would hope that officers were looking at it, saw it and they will know what to do about it.”