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Police Commissioner reengages in gang interventions

Police Commissioner is back doing interventions within the criminal elements.  It is a role he gave up when he ascended to the commissioner at the start of 2020, saying that he would be getting serious with crime and the perpetrators.  Less than one year later the Commissioner is back trying to bring peace particularly in the St Martin de Porres area in Belize City.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “The St.Martin area is extremely challenging I must say and it has a lot to do with the clusters of gangs that reside in that area and the close proximity within which they reside and myself, Ms.Westby from CYDP and Brother Nuri we have been active on the grounds in that area trying to see how we can quell the issues between these different factions. And while yes we had the shooting of Brian Cole the good thing about that is that it was internal within the PIV gang and not an issue where Backalan and PIV were going at each other and so the fact that it is internal it is more easier to contain as opposed to them going at each other. We are supposed to have another session this evening at four with the different factions again all with a view to see how we can keep the peace going much longer and to forge a more permanent solution moving forward. And so there’s a lot of work that needs to be done, we have also solicited the assistance of Mr.Cordel Hyde he is onboard with us working in the background to see what he can do from a political standpoint looking at the economic issues that affects the people in the St.Martin area and then he’s going to see how he can assist us with that. And so we believe that with the different groups that we have working with us we’ll be able to find a good solution to the problem and notwithstanding that we as police we have to remain vigilant on the grounds, we cannot put our guards down because we know that flare ups are always possible with in the Martin area and so we have to do what we can to ensure that there is no flare ups because once you have one then it becomes extremely difficult to contain.”