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Police Commissioner Says Guatemalan Forces will Aid in Tracking Drug Planes

Upon the Prime Minister’s visit with Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei a few weeks ago, there was a commitment to work with Belize regarding narco-planes. With the recent drug plane landing in the south, Love News asked Police Commissioner if that commitment from Guatemala has taken life.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “We are grateful for the visit the Prime Minister had with the president of Guatemala. From that meeting we are seeing a lot of movements from our Guatemalan counterparts in terms of collaboration with us. You would recall that just in last week we received from Guatemala two fugitives that were wanted in Belize for the heinous crimes in Benque and they cooperated with us to find those two individuals and they were handed over to us and we’re extremely grateful for that. Subsequent to that we had a meeting about a week or so ago at the OAS building at the Western border where again other bilateral agreements or arrangements were discussed between ourselves and our Guatemalan counterpart and again just today we had a follow up meeting that I attended personally and we had the chief of police from Peten, also there was the Guatemalan Ambassador to Belize, the chief at OAS, the OC Benque, the Mayor of Benque, the Mayor of Melchor and I also had with me Commander of Operation Mr.Vidal and our Deputy Head of Intelligence Mr.Villanueva. We had a very healthy discussion in terms of area of collaboration and one key area that we are harping on is the area of fighting these narco traffickers and again the Guatemalan authorities are pretty much interested because they’re having the same issue and we believe that if we can collaborate together we’ll be able to fight these people more effectively. As I said to them during the meeting today that whenever we have police in a border area and there’s no collaboration between the police departments the only people who benefit from that is the criminals. If it is that we can collaborate and become so strong then the criminals are going to think twice to operate within our respective borders. And so we’re hoping that moving forward we’ll be able to draft a memorandum of understanding between ourselves and the Guatemalan PNC of course it has to have the input of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as that of Guatemala and once we can do that then I think it’s going to put us on better footing to be able to have stronger and greater collaborations in the area of narco trafficking and these cross border activities dealing with the home invasions, the vehicle thefts and the murders that we have seen being committed in the Benque area.”