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Chester Williams Belize Police

Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams

Police Commissioner Visits Dangriga Police Formation

Police Commissioner Chester Williams has been working on crime strategies to offset the different types of crime that beleaguers our country. Part of his methodology includes making changes to the management structure and also having a physical presence at various formations. Today Commissioner Williams spoke to some officers who work in the culture capital. Dangriga correspondent Harry Arzu spoke to the Compol who offered the formation some southern comfort.

Harry Arzu: “The Commissioner of Police Chester Williams and the top boss of the Belize Police Department is visiting with officers from the Stann Creek District formation. Williams made his first stop here in Dangriga where he presented his crime fighting strategy to the officers in an effort to reduce major crimes. Love News was there and spoke with Commissioner Chester Williams.”

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “We started off in Dangriga where this morning we had an inspection and after we retired to the Conference Room where I met with the staff of the Dangriga Police Station and basically discussed with them our policing strategy in which we intend to focus on with a view to ensure that crime is reduced in Dangriga as in other parts of the country. After the meeting here today in Dangriga I would like to have an inspection of the station in Hopkins, then to Placencia where I have a meeting with the Police officers in there as well and the day will finish off with a public meeting in Independence Village. Well the crime fighting strategy will be built on three pillars. That is to focus on gang violence, focusing on liquor establishments as well as domestic violence as those were the three main causes of murders last year’s so we want to ensure that we tackle those three causes with a view to a lower murder rates this year.”

Harry Arzu: “The officers was also given the opportunity to voice some of their concerns. Commissioner Williams also visited the officers in Seine Bight Village and Placencia and is now holding a community meeting in Independence Village where he is assuring the residence there safety and protection. The meetings stems from a wave of criminal activities that were happening in Independence Village. Reporting for Love News from  Dangriga I am Harry Arzu.”

Commissioner Williams continues on his countrywide tour of the various formations.