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Police concerned over aggravated burglaries; members of a ring captured

The police department is concerned over the spike in burglaries and aggravated burglaries that have occurred in Belize City and in other districts as well. In past press conferences, investigators have indicated that they are aware of the culprits who are carrying out these activities. Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams says the Department has been able to detain some of these criminals, but the work continues.

DCP Chester Williams: “Those aggravated burglaries or home invasions as some people would call it are of major concerns to us. We know that traditionally and there is a saying that your home is your castle and everyone wants to ensure that where they live is not violated by anyone and in most cases including the Police. So we are looking at what can be done to be able to address these types of crimes. Those are what we call economic crimes because most of the time the suspects are looking for valuables that they can turn over and make an easy money and so one of the best ways that we can address those type of crime is to ensure that we gather the right information on who those persons are who are perpetuating these types of activities and we must aggressively target those persons.  I am going to command the Commanders in Belmopan, Roaring Creek as well as in Ladyville for the good job they have done in rounding up a ring of persons who are doing these crimes in the three respective areas and since that was done we have seen a significant reduction in them again but we must understand that it does not end there. We have to work now on building these cases against these individuals and hopefully at the end of the day we will be able to convict them for these crimes and they will be able to remain in prison for a much longer time. The Commander in Stann Creek as well Mr. Wade and Mr. Grinage have also done a phenomenal job in dealing with criminals who goes into that area that commit crime.

DCP Williams says that while the Department is tackling the situation, the public can also assist.

DCP Chester Williams: I want to also appeal to the public that they too have a significant role to play because we don’t have Police officers on every street corner ensuring that these crimes do not occur and the criminals for the most part they monitor the movements of the Police and whenever that window of opportunity presents itself then they take advantage of it. If you see your neighbors home being burglarized don’t just sit there and let it happen because it’s your neighbor. You never know, he gets away with doing it to your neighbor, he’ll come back and you could be next so we must always think that the next person could be us and try to see the whole issue of fighting crime as a community issue and not just as a Police issue. I have always said that the best tool for  fighting crime is community participation and we have always been trying to see how we can solicit the help of the public to be able to assist us to effectively police this country.