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Police conduct anti-drug and anti-firearm operations

The Special Assignment Unit of the Belize Police Department has been very active, particular over this past weekend. Several anti-drug and anti-firearm operations were conducted in mostly Southside Belize City. The Unit discovered several bags of marijuana, a .32 Taurus Brand revolver along with six live rounds of ammunition. They also found seven .22 and five Aguila brand of live rounds of ammunition in the Conch Shell Bay area. Twenty seven .223 LC brand of live ammunition and a total of 187 grams of marijuana were found in the George Street Area. This morning Operations Commander ACP Edward Boaster spoke of the Unit’s success.

Operations Commander ACP Edward Boaster:

“For September we had stepped up our anti-crime so to speak. We have boosted the number of officers on the street hence the reason you will find that the seizure of explosives and other firearms both in Belize and in San Pedro and in other districts have increased somewhat. We want to ask the public to bear with us, you will be approached by our officer. We have expressed to our officers to be professional to the community and if you have any problems with any officer out there in the community please feel free to contact us. We are here to serve the public and do so professionally. But the operations have been stepped up and we will be out there in numbers.”

Reporter: As operations commander are you particularly concerned about the explosive found in Belize City?

Operations Commander ACP Edward Boaster:

“We are always concerned about explosives found anywhere in the country. We are working tirelessly to find out where it came from and who may have placed it there so we are working hard at that. That explosive was turned over to the BDF for their analysis.”

Reporter: Would it be safe to say that most of the discoveries were because of informant and tips?

Operations Commander ACP Edward Boaster:

“I would say that much of the discovery is a result of the training provided by the commander of Eastern Division and the commander of South to the Special Assignment Team hence the reason why you are noticing the successes of the Special Assignment Team. They were trained specifically that they enhance the public safety.”

Police have assured the media that police presence in public spaces will be increased during the September Celebrations.