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Police conduct weekly meet and greet sessions

Belize City police conducted their weekly Meet and Greet on Wednesday visiting residents in several areas. In the Eastern Division North, newly installed Commander Senior Superintendent Ralph Moody visited residents for the second week. Their focus was in the precinct three area. Senior Superintendent Moody says that so far, residents have had few complaints. Among the most common concerns are noise pollution, over grown lots and non-functional street lights. The Commander said they normally coordinate with responsible departments to help address these concerns for the residents. In relation to crime, he says that so far the community has not complained about crime in the area

Senior Superintendent Ralph Moody – OC, Eastern Division North
“There is no complaint as such. The area is a normal peaceful area. Northside. I am not saying they don’t have problem. They do have problem in the Belama Area of burglary and that is more closer to the riverside and the suspected people come from the Southside using canoe or skiff and come over and do their burglary and then return over. So we don’t have many complaints on Northside. “

Commander Moody says that the working relationship with the residents in north side Belize City is positive.
Senior Superintendent Ralph Moody – OC, Eastern Division North
“A lot of the people in the area, the residents and business as well applaud our effort; encourage us to continue to do what we are doing. They also comment that they are seeing the police officer in their area more frequent and they applaud the effort and they ask us to continue doing what we are doing.”

This is the second Meet and Greet session that the new commander of North side Belize City has led.