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Police confiscated a vehicle and weapons on Coastal Road

Police were in hot pursuit of a vehicle and its passengers on the Coastal Road yesterday at around midday. It was another case of no one being arrested or charged but weapons were confiscated.  Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett explained what transpired.

ACP Joseph Myvett: “Police were conducting patrols on the Coastal Road and during their patrol they came across their vehicle that was traveling in the same direction, a little ahead of their vehicle and in the process of driving behind the vehicle for a little while, the vehicle sped off into an offroad and as a result the Police pursued the vehicle were somewhere near the Seaside in the White Ridge area the occupants of the vehicle alighted the vehicle and made good their escape. The officers on the scene reported as much as six or seven heavily armed men, back up was requested and the entire area was searched where an Assault type rifle along with two Magazines containing a total of 47.2 23 rounds were found in the area. One blue Ford explorer without license plate has also been impounded as part of this investigation and Police are seeking one known suspect in relation to this incident.”

A search of the area revealed one M4 carbine automatic assault rifle with (47) live rounds of ammunition. Police had called out other units to assist in the pursuit but those efforts were futile.