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Police Constable Fires Weapon Whilst Intoxicated in a Public Space

PC Urbie Alamilla who resides in Ladyville, has become a black eye to the police department after he behaved unruly in public on two different incidents while reportedly intoxicated. The first incident occurred about a week ago, when Allamilla discharged his weapon in public. Alamilla was intoxicated at the time however was not faced with any charges. On Saturday, Alamilla once again was intoxicated and this time discharged his weapon in a restaurant, injuring one person. Assistant Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster told us what happened.


“Upon arriving police officers encountered on Ashley Haylock who reported having a conflict with one Mr.Elvis Borland where Urbie Alamilla separated them, he then reportedly exited the establishment and saw when Alamilla took out a firearm and fired a single shot to the ground in the establishment where bullet fragments injured one female Sharmane Bainton to her arm. Alamilla then fled the scene and Alamilla is the same one that had fired shots about a week ago and he has since been detained and is being charged for discharging firearm in public and causing wounds to Ms. Sharmane Bainton.”

Police are unable to say if the firearm that Alamilla used was an illegal firearm since his service revolver was taken away following the first incident.


“We have strict gun control in terms of issuing and retaining government assets as it pertains to firearms hence the reason we are saying we are investigating how he may have come across a second firearm. We don’t know if it’s for the job or an illegal firearm. Like I told you guys we are charging him criminally for the second incident I believe his commander will seek help for him with relations to his alcoholic problem but there are only so many things that we can do. Hopefully the investigation will not reveal that is a firearm from his branch that he had. There was a search executed on his premises and no firearm was found. We are still investigating where he may have hid that firearm and like I said the investigation continues.”

Alamilla is stationed at Eastern Division South and was working with Intelligence. He will be charged with the offences and will be placed on interdiction with half pay.