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Police Constable Mangar Freed of Charge After Six Years of Interdiction

In April 2010, the life and career of Police Constable Jermaine Mangar spiralled into uncertainty as he was accused of being a rogue cop.  It is an incident whereby Mangar has maintained innocence throughout the last six and a half years that he has been on interdiction from the Belize Police Department.  Innocence or not, however, the case built against him completely fell apart today in the courtroom of Justice Shona Griffith. as a nolle prosequi was entered.  His attorney is Richard Dickie Bradley who spoke of where the charges stemmed from against Mangar.


“Germain Mangar and another person were accused of committing these offences in which something was stolen from somebody and there was some attempt to go into Chon Saan to hold them up and do surveillance there. He was set up and somebody called him on the phone to say that they had something for him, when he went there he was surrounded by police and then at gunpoint taken in and charged that is the evidence against the man, there is nothing that caught him red handed or anything. The person who is assisting the police he is a career criminal that came from jail today and went back to jail even for this trial. He is in the dock with Jermaine Mangar. So I don’t know how you could use a witness against a person when the witness is charged. In any event Germain Mangar actually he wants to come on camera it’s just that in his case he is a serving police officer they will have to pay him for all those years that he has not been on his job and his name has been dragged through the mud when this thing first happened and he has an another attorney assisting in this matter in relation to that. So basically what transpired after coming to court all these years for a simple matter the prosecution informed the trial judge Justice Gonzales that they will not be proceeding with that matter so he has been told that it has nully pros and he is free to leave the court .”

The allegations against Mangar were compounded when the then Commissioner of Police, Crispin Jefferies and Prime Minister Dean Barrow via a press conference praised the good works of Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster and Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police, Russell Blackett for breaking up a ring of rogue cops believed to have been the masterminds behind several robberies back then.  Mangar has come under much scrutiny for which he says he will be seeking legal recourse against the department with the guidance of his attorney, Dickie Bradley.


“There was a major press conference in which even the Prime Minister was involved to saying to the nation that they have in fact been able to bust a ring of rogue police officers nobody has ever been successful prosecuted. All those officers that had their names scandalized, defamed and now finally after all these years the last one is said that they don’t have anything against him. At the end of the day they could not proceed to trial after years and years.”

April 2010 saw Broaster and Blackett set up a sting operation which resulted in the charge against Mangar and the interdiction of several other officers.  Recently, ACP Broaster saw another one of his cases fall apart when a group of eleven persons charged in a home invasion in rural Belize were set free upon the directives of the Director of Public Prosecutions.