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Police Constable Nabbed with Drugs at Customs Checkpoint

On Sunday, May 17 Customs officers from the Custom Enforcement Unit were conducting duties at the Northern Border custom check point where they searched a vehicle driven by PC Giean Yah who is attached to the quick response team in Corozal. Upon inspection of the vehicle tree parcels of Marijuana were found in his possession. Love News spoke with Inspector Peter Serrano, the Deputy Commanding Officer at the Corozal Police Station.


“About 1:55pm officers from the Customs Enforcement Unit were conducting official duties at the Customs checkpoint at the Northern Border when a silver Hyundai, four door car bearing Texas license plate approached the checkpoint. The car was being driven by one, Giean Yah, a police officer. The car was searched and a Customs officer asked for the trunk to be opened and for some reason the trunk could not be opened; so, the Customs officer removed the back seat and searched the said car. While searching the trunk of the car, three parcels wrapped in black plastic bags were found in the trunk of the car. The contents of the package were examined and found to contain green leafy substances consistent with cannabis. All packages were retrieved, shown to the driver.  Customs immediately called Police; Police responded and this person was handed over to them along with the drugs and the car. Police processed the drugs where the first package weighed 1,043 grams, the second weighing 1062 grams and the third weighed in at 1034 grams; all to a total of 3139 grams of cannabis. Giean Yah, a Police Constable attached to the Corozal Formation was arrested and charged for the offence of drug trafficking.”


PC Giean Yah was arraigned in front of Magistrate Hamilton today where he pleaded not guilty.  He was offered bail in the sum of three thousand dollars and a surety.  His case was adjourned until August 21.