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Police Constable Stabbed Whilst Intervening in Domestic Dispute

Hours after the teenager was stabbed, a police constable was stabbed. Fortunately, he was treated and released as the injury was not life threatening.  Williams told us what happened to Police Constable Raul Juchim last night.


“Police Constable Juchim who is attached to Precinct 2 was socializing on Ordonez Street in the St.Martins de Porres area when there was a domestic dispute within the area where he was socializing not involving him. He intervened in the dispute during which the name person who was a part of that dispute inflicted a small stab wound on the police constable. He was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released. The injuries sustained were minor; he is currently at home recovering.”


“Was alcohol involved in that particular situation?”


“We have no empirical evidence to suggest that alcohol was involved in either incident so I am not going to speculate.”