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Police Constable Yah Is Off Duty Pending Criminal Hearing

While the Commissioner has to deal with the rise in crime situation in Belize, he also has to deal with police officers behaving like criminals. Yesterday we reported on the case of Police Constable Giean Yah who was caught with 3139 grams of weed inside his silver Hyundai car as he was entering Belize from the northern border. The drugs were found inside the trunk and PC Yah was arrested and charged for the crime of drug trafficking. He appeared in court, met bail of three thousand dollars and is to reappear on August 21. PC Yah is not the first officer to be charged for a criminal offence and most likely will not be lost. Commissioner Whylie says PC Yah has been placed on interdiction.


“Well I do know of the case. He was handed over to the police, he was arrested and charged; he has been taken to court.  My understanding is that he was granted bail; he has been placed on interdiction by my office also. We, as administrators do not condone wrong doing within the police department; be it of a criminal nature or be it complaint of a citizen.  It will be thoroughly investigated and once it is substantiated, corrective actions will be taken. I cannot tell my officers what to do because each individual is responsible for their own action and conduct but I can assure you and I can assure the citizens that as long as wrong doing is brought to my notice and we can substantiate it after it is investigated it will be dealt with.”