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Police Corporal investigated for fatal traffic incident in Toledo

Meanwhile, a Police Corporal is being investigated for another road traffic incident that happened on the Southern Highway in the Toledo District. It happened on Tuesday when Selvin Bahadur was hit and died shortly after. DCP Williams spoke of the investigation.

DCP Chester Williams: They saw one Selvin Bajador suffering from injuries, he was taken to the Punta Gorda Poli Clinic where he died whilst undergoing treatment. Investigation reveals that Corporal of Police Mr. Salam was driving a Police vehicle in Punta Gorda when he knocked down Mr. Bajador causing the fatal injuries, we have since obtained blood and Urine Sample from Mr. Salam which has been sent to the lab as is the case of every traffic accident.  I must say that we don’t have any indication that he was drinking or was under the influence but those are just the practices that we normally do with traffic accidents and the matter is currently under investigation. As soon as investigation the investigation is completed then we will decide what course of action will be taken. In the meantime Mr. Salam has been issued with a notice of intended prosecution as again its normally practiced in traffic accidents where determining who is at fault is difficult. 


DCP Williams says that Corporal Salam was in Punta GordaTown running errands and was heading to a funeral when he hit Bahadur. At the time he was accompanied by Calbert Flowers, welfare officer.