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Police Department caters to children of their officers

Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, is fulfilling another one of his promises today by way of a daycare for the children of police officers.  The initiative has been well received by the officers who already signed up their children to attend the Marie Henry Day-Care which is named after one of the first female police officers. The day-care, which is the brainchild of the Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, cost approximately eighty thousand dollars. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Dezerie Magdaleno said that the day-care is housed in what use to be the canteen at their Raccoon Street Police Station.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Dezerie Magdaleno: “We can comfortably accommodate twenty-five to thirty children on a daily basis and what we were thinking of, our initial thought is that we can make this into a two-shift system to accommodate the officers since they work shifts. We were looking at doing two shifts per day from six in the morning until three and then from three until midnight so the officers have their kids at the daycare up to midnight if they so choose to, the services will be here for them.”

Johnelle Mckenzie: “What is the cost that we are looking at for something like this?”

Assistant Commissioner of Police Dezerie Magdaleno: “It is a reduced cost, we are looking at $40 per week and that includes the provision of three meals a day for them. We are catering from zero to twelve years, for now we are doing five days a week but like I said we are flexible, depending on our officer’s needs that is how we we will flex ourselves to adjust to their time.”

The day-care will open its doors tomorrow. The Police Department is grateful to the private sector which assisted them in this initiative