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Police Department disciplines its bad cops

Yesterday we told you about the two police officers who are being accused of extortion. Woman Sergeant, Sheira Nicholas and Police Constable Richard Dixon Polonio, who are attached to the Punta Gorda Police formation, were both arraigned yesterday before a tribunal for the Act to the Prejudice of good order and Discipline. The duo is accused of extorting three thousand dollars from a PG businessman, Joe Bejerano. According to Bejerano, owner of MJ’s Bar, on September 1 the officers visited his establishment and arrested three of his female employees. Bejerano explained what he went through to PGTV.

Joe Bejerano – PG businessman

“They went and told me that they need to talk to me. They walked me upstairs and Sgt. had a conversation with me. She said that I am in big trouble that I could get charged big for human trafficking. They offered a deal that if I could come up with $1,000 for each head she could make it go away. I told her that I didn’t have that amount of money. She told me that she is the only one that could help me and I could go to prison for 15 years or try to go to trial but I would get charged and lose a lot. She took out her cellphone and called someone and asked for the mobile. Five minutes the mobile reached and they drove me to my business place MJ’s bar.”

Nicholas and Polonio pled not guilty to the offence. They have since been placed on interdiction pending investigation.