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Police Department holds Elections for Executive of the Department

Police officers around the country voted today for a new executive for the Belize Police Association.  For a report on the voting process in the south we join our Toledo Correspondent Paul Mahung.

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: Sixty two members of Toledo Police formation are among others nationwide today who are participating in election process to elect seven executives of Belize Police Association. There are names of fifteen candidates on the Belize Police Association voting form of which no more than seven candidates can be voted for. Of the fifteen candidates one slate of seven is led by Sgt Jermaine Hyde. The other slate of  seven is lead by Cpl. Eldon Arzu and the one independent candidate is Sgt. Carl Borland. The voting process from 7am to 5pm held at Punta Gorda Police Station is coordinated and supervised by Officer in Command Toledo Police Formation Superintendent Crispin Castillo. The completed voting forms from Toledo will be officially counted at Punta Gorda Police Station and sent to National Coordinator of Belize Police Association Election Commander of Belize Police Welfare Senior Superintendent of Police Calbert Flowers in Belmopan.

Love News spoke with Police Commissioner Williams who explained that while a matter pertaining to the election of the Police Association remains in the court today’s election is not affected by that case.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Every year we have the Police Association election where the lower ranks of the department would go to the polls and elect their association’s central board. And so this time around we have two slates competing, one which is led by Corporal Eldon Arzu and the other one led by Sergeant Jermaine Hyde and so it is a time for our officers to exercise their democratic right in determining who they want to represent them in the association. As the Commissioner of Police I welcome this process and we’re going to await to see what the result of that election is going to be later on hopefully by seven thirty tonight we should be able to get in the figures in terms of knowing which slate or which persons are victorious in the election.”

Reporter: Now you made some amendments in terms of the duration of service that the president can have would that be fully effective now in this round of election of the executive ?

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Well it is fully effective from 2019 and so yes like for example Sergeant Hyde’s slate they have served one term and so they can only serve one more term under the current regulation providing though that only the president. So let’s say for example Corporal Hyde’s slate were to win this time around he can be the president again but if he were to contest next year and his slate should win he cannot be the president he can still run but not as president, he would not be able to offer himself as president. Likewise with Eldon Arzu he has served one term as president in 2019 and so if his slate were to win he can serve this time around as president and if he were to run again next year he would not be able to serve as president because his two year period would have already lapsed.”

Reporter: But that matter as well surrounding this very same issue remains before the court correct? A portion of it? 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Yes a portion of that matter is still before the court.”