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Police Department Makes Strategic Transfers

The Belize Police Department has made some strategic transfers in the south, out west and in the Belize District. Police Commissioner Chester Williams, in an exclusive interview with Love News, explained that a full assessment was done prior to the transfers.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “We try as best as we can to look at the crime situation across the country and we do have some commanders who are stronger in certain areas than some and when we do see that we have escalation in crime in a particular area we would normally try to bring the commander in and speak to the commander and try to identify to him or her the area of weaknesses that may be causing the increase. I for one as the commissioner I will not sit in my office and see crime going up in the country in a particular area. I will go into that area, sit with the commander, see what needs to be done, se what resources I can help with to be able to enhance the level of policing we offer in that community and I think that is how we should be. We have changes in Punta Gorda Town, we have changes in San Ignacio and some of these changes were triggered by retirements. We do have for example the northern regional commander Ms.Marcia Moody who I must say had been exceptional as our northern regional commander. I wish she was not retiring because I have every faith, every trust and every confidence in her ability to lead and she did an exemplary job in the northern region but her time is near and at the end of this month she goes on pre retirement leave. So she will be replaced by Mr.Hemsley who was the Division Three Commander in eastern division and Mr.Hemsley moving from Division Three that have Mr.Duane Sutherland going to Division Three in Belize district. And then with Mr.Sutherland moving from PSB we have now Calbert Flowers moving over to be Commander of PSB and then with that we have Ms.Ramclam who again did an exceptional job on the peninsula she’s not the commander of welfare and she has been replaced by Assistant Superintendent Alma Mortis in Placencia. Mr.Crispin Castillo did an exemplary work in Punta Gorda Town but we have brought him in to the city and we have Brent Hamilton taking over as OC Toledo and then in Cayo or San Ignacio Mr.Jemot who was there, again Jemot did exemplary in San Ignacio in terms of going after the criminals and so forth but again for his own career development we saw the need to move him into the city and he has been replaced by Superintendent Peter Serrano in San Ignacio. So the transfers were more strategic to be able to develop our officers because they’re not officers who intend to remain at one rank they want to elevate and so as a part of elevation our promotion policy do says that you must hold certain position in order for you to be able to move up to the other rank and so what we’re doing is we’ve prepared these officers for that.”

Several of the transfers have already taken effect while others are in transition.