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Police Department received two police booth

Today, the Police Department received two booths through the kind donation of Central TV and Internet. Some time ago, Sr. Superintendent Howell Gillett, Commanding Officer of Region One, requested assistance from the business community to replace the police tents with booths in order to improve the working conditions of the police officers.  Love News spoke with Christopher Hudson, Network Manager at Central TV and Internet, who said that the company is happy to be playing a role in keeping the community safe.

Christopher Hudson, Network Manager, Central TV and Internet: “It’s the first time the company is doing something like this. We’ve been looking at how the company assists the community because it’s not all about the DiBo, not all about selling different products it’s also about aiding the community and keeping them safe. The police is a key factor in all of that maintaining a safe Belize.”

Gillett said that the two booths now bring the total of police booths donated to five.

Sr.Superintendent of Police Howell Gillett: “We are in the middle of the hurricane season and we are also in our rainy season in Belize so we can’t continue to hear these complaints and do nothing about it. So we decided ever since I took over region one on the 19th of this year we want a balance, we want to treat the public well but also we want to treat those who serve the public well. We get optimum performance from police officers when we create the right environment for them and it’s very unfair for an officer to be out here at 2AM and he or she is not coming off until 7AM and then he gets wet by a rain. So it’s showing them that we do care about them. Yes we want a lot from you but we have to show you that we do care and I believe that message is being sent not by saying it but by the actions we do for them so we are very happy for this partnership with Central TV and Internet. These buildings cost $3,000 but because they were being made for police use we got at a reduced price of $2,500 each.”

Gillett added that the Belize Electricity Limited will be providing electricity for the booths.