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Police Department States Their Position on the Wade vs Montero Report

On Thursday, Louis Wade of Plus TV began appealing for the public’s support in a case against the San Ignacio Police and son of Minister of Works, Robert Montero.  Wade was summoned to the San Ignacio Police Station for Friday, May 19.  He said he was under the impression that he was being called there to surrender evidence he had in his possession of an incident that occurred at the Santa Elena Sporting Complex in Santa Elena Town, Cayo District on November 23, 2016.  It turns out, however, according to Wade, that a charge sheet was already prepared for him and with that, he and his attorney did not surrender the video recording they had of what really transpired that day.  Following his meeting with the Commanding Officer for San Ignacio, Superintendent Richard Rosado, Wade’s attorney, Stacey Grinage told the media that this matter is an abuse of process while Wade is saying that he was acting in the role of a journalist when the incident occurred and Robert Montero drove his vehicle directly at him.  Late last night, the Ministry of Home Affairs issued a release on the matter, stating, quote, “The complaint filed against Mr. Wade was not initiated by the Belize Police Department nor the Government of Belize, but by a private citizen who claims to have been assaulted and insulted by Mr. Wade. That private citizen has reportedly provided the police with witnesses who corroborate his story, and confirms the accusations against Mr. Wade.  In order to allow Mr. Wade to produce video evidence of the incident he claimed he had, which would allow him to clear his name and avoid the charges, the Police Department delayed bringing charges against him. Due to the statute of limitation on filing charges for such misdemeanors, the Department moved to charge Wade just a few days before the expiration of six months.”  End of quote.  Wade is yet to release the video footage of the incident.