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Police Department sticks with story on shooting incident

On August 22, Mark Phillips was shot in the Queen Square Anglican Primary School Compound. Police reports say that Phillips was with two other individuals armed with a point thirty eight revolver and a nine millimeter pistol lay waiting someone. The report that police gives says that Phillip’s own partner in crime shot him by mistake.  Our reporter, Hipolito Novelo questioned Phillips and he denied what the police reports and says that he was the victim. Today, we asked Sr. Superintendent Chester Williams about the report again and he says that he does not expect Phillips to tell the truth.

Sr. Supt. Chester Williams

“I am not going to venture into any back and forth in terms of what Mark Phillips has said. I do not expect him to say that he was out there trying to perpetrate any criminal act so whatever his story is he must save it for the court. We must understand that when we do investigations that investigations are human information. The police were not out there on the night in question when the matter took place. The police investigation is a result of information given to the police by those persons who were out there and witnessed what took place and in any investigation we go by what people say to us that information is analyzed as a part of the police investigation process to determine whether or not there is some truth to the story because at the end of the day we want that when we charge someone we are not charging someone out of malicious behavior so I am satisfied with the information that we have on these individuals that yes they were the ones who committed the crimes on the night in question and hence the reason they are charged and they are where they are today.”

Williams, says that no one would confess to a criminal act and that Phillips will have his day in court to give his side of the story.

Sr. Supt. Chester Williams

“Every person who is charged by the police there is always some doubt coming from them or there is always something coming from them that they did not commit the crime. I do not expect anyone to say “You know what yes we did this.” We have two separate reports on two separate occasions where these persons were involved with the use of guns threatening others so even if they want to say that on that night in question the previous night they were there as well with firearms trying to shoot somebody so the fact of the matter is that they are charged with aggravated assault, they will face their day in court to explain to the magistrate what their side of the story is and that is a matter that will be hashed out in the court room between them and the person who they had gone to shoot.”