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Police Department takes measures to help officers manage stress

And, to address the aspects of police stress, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams says the department is taking measures to help, even if it means mandatory counselling for the police men and women.

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: ”Yes indeed many of our officers are under severe stress and as department we work in collaboration with the Public Service Ministry through the Employee Assistance Program to be able to provide for officers when the need arise. While for the most part we would hope that the officers will undertake these counseling voluntarily. If it is that we should see the officers are manifesting behaviors that requires them to undergo counseling and they do not volunteer then the Police Act do provide that the Commissioner can order mandatory counseling for them and we have done that in some cases to ensure that some officers undergo certain hours of counseling and they are not to return to work unless they go through those counseling hours so we try to put mechanisms in place to be able to help our officers to be able to cope with counseling. Yes we know that is not sufficient and it is more that could be desired but for right now there is that will, there is that start and we just need to see how we can build on it to make it better.”

Commissioner Williams was part of the group that sat in the Stress Trauma session yesterday with Professor Jarrod Sudukski of American Public University System in San Ignacio Town, Cayo District.//////