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Police Department to Crack Down Violators of the COVID-19 Protocol

Almost two dozen more cases of Covid-19 have been detected in Belize City with five persons hospitalized. Alarms are being sounded as across the country the figures are increasing significantly. The report for July 29 shows forty five new cases; putting the number of active cases at four hundred and ten while two hundred and fifty eight cases remain under investigation. Belize City, the most populated municipality and the economic hub of the country, has a whopping twenty-one active cases. The rate of infectivity has increased which means that the virus is spreading faster, leading experts to suspect that the Delta variant is in the country, although confirmation is still pending. There is the belief that the public is much more relaxed which may be leading to the continued increase of cases. Today, we asked Home Affairs Minister, Kareem Musa, what the Belize Police Department is doing to enforce the COVID-19 regulations.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs: “About a month or so ago in the early part of June I believe the commissioner had sent out a memorandum instructing the police officers to once again reengage in enforcement of the protocols because there was this feeling that they were relaxing. As you know COVID comes in waves and so at that time we were seeing a slight increase but ever since then we have been enforcing very vigorously. As you could see last week we had an incident where the police department actually went to close down a birthday party that they were having on Caesar Ridge Road which ended in violence, which ended in actual civilians attacking police officers and police officers having to respond. Very unfortunate because COVID is something that we all need to take responsibility for individually, take ownership of it and we ought to follow the law and the regulations because the police is simply trying to do their job.”