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Police Department to raffle a vehicle

Police at the Eastern Division North have launched an officer’s only raffle. The department is raffling a 2016 Wingle 5 four door pickup truck. The purpose of the raffle is to allow one lucky officer to own his or her vehicle. Public Relations Officer Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood spoke about why the exclusivity of the raffle.

Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood – PR Officer, Police Dept.

For officers that wish to try their luck, the truck will be showcased in each district and tickets will be sold at twenty five dollars each. Inspector Yearwood says it is not only for the winner to have a new truck but it is also a way of them trying to boost the officer’s morale.

Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood – PR Officer, Police Dept.

An entire raffle book costs two hundred and fifty dollars and you receive one ticket free with the purchase of an entire book.