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Police Department had tracked drug plane that crash landed in Mexico

Earlier this week, Mexican media reported on the crash landing of a small plane carrying one ton of cocaine in the community of San Pedro Peralta, south of Quintana Roo, Mexico. One person was reportedly killed. Reports indicated that it happened around midnight on Sunday. Compol Chester Williams said today that they were aware as they have been closely monitoring Belize airspace.

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “ Yes of course we have been doing an exceedingly good job in terms of tracking these planes that want to do Palestine landings in Belize and our effectiveness has caused many of these planes to divert and go either to Guatemala or Mexico and yes that plane was one of such planes. It passed through our air space and we didn’t give it any opportunity to land. It went to Mexico to fuel I am told and it  crash landed. Mexican Authority made the bust and for us that is a success as well.”