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Police Dept. has 4 summer camps for your kids to join

People like to say there are only two things certain in life, taxes and death. But in Belize we have dry season, rainy season and this time of year, we also have an abundance of summer camps. While there are a throng of them at this time of year, the police department via its Community Policing Unit has 4 programs that may interest your offspring. Douglas Hyde, the Director of Public & Media Relations for the Commissioner’s Office explained what the department has in store for your child for summer 2019.

Douglas Hyde – Public & Media Relations, Commissioners Office: “The Police Youth Mentorship Program started three weeks ago. These are kids between the age of eight to seventeen years old. There are one hundred and seventy five kids that every Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm we meet with these kids and do several activities whether it be educational trips, mentors doing sessions in the area of conflict resolution, anger management and different topics that works with these kids in terms of mentoring them. This is the brainchild of the Commissioner Chester Williams who looks at the crime-fighting strategy in prevention and mediation with kids from the area of crime and violence but also gang violence likewise. This program is six months and as I mentioned it started three weeks ago, it will finish more near the end of October, it carries right through the summer, then we so have the Eastern Police Division Basketball cup sponsored by Sprite, Digi, Sports Council and the Department of Youth Services. This event or activity which focuses on the competition with the different areas and groups in Belize City also highlight the guys from the different gang areas and they will be competing against themselves during the summertime likewise and of course, that competition is very competitive with fourteen teams participating right now. We also have the National Youth Cadet Annual Summer Camp which will kick off in the ending part of July at the Ladyville Technical High school. This is where three hundred plus cadets between the age again ten to seventeen will participate in two weeks of intensive activities that the police officers will be there to guide them on leadership skills, young person’s participation but very importantly we are looking at discipline and these kids will go through that, this is specifically focused on the Cadet program. Lastly, we have the Summer Program which goes at Yabra for two weeks. This kicks off in the ending weeks of July and the beginning week of August. We are looking at no less than one hundred kids from Belize City that will go through Arts and Crafts, and also different sporting activities at the Yabra Center where the community policing unit is centered. These kids again as I mentioned will participate in several activities. Of course, what they will do at the end is to give them a tour outside of Belize City to showcase one of the beautiful attractions of Belize.”