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Police destroy drugs

We saw the drugs found on the Coastal Road destroyed today but what we are yet to see is the person or persons who will be held accountable for such a large shipment.  Police officers especially Compol Allen Whylie were in good spirits at a press conference held on Friday, November 2, when they reported on the operation.  Fast forward to today and all they are left with are the ashes of what was once a multi-million dollar product. Deputy Commisioner of Polcie, Chester Williams says it’s all in a day’s work.

Chester Williams, Deputy Commissioner of Police: “Well that is the way the law goes. Sometimes things don’t got the way we’d want it to go but I would say still that it was good work on the part of the police, they were able to remove the drugs off the street and if the drugs did belong to those persons who we expected it belonged to you cannot say that they got away because the fact of the matter is that the drugs were confiscated, they are not able to make the proceeds that they would have made from it and on top of that they were arrested and charged for immigration offences as well as firearm offences.”

Of recent, Belize is seeing clandestine airstrips popping up and the reports of plane making drops or deliveries are heard in several parts of the country.  This activity would and could translate to Belize not doing its part in the anti-drug trafficking fight which the United States has invested heavily on in Belize.  Today, Williams says there is more being done and planned.

Chester Williams, Deputy Commissioner of Police: “We are looking at not only the Coastal Road but many different areas across the country where we believe that there are clandestine airstrips. We continue to monitor those areas to avert the landing of these aircraft in our country and so yes we are looking at the Coastal Road and other areas of the country. We have one Minister responsible for National Security and so he controls all the police, the coast guard and the BDF and that has enabled us to be able to foster a very good relationship with both the coast guard and the Belize Defense Force so we have no issue in terms of having joint operations with police and BDF and where the need arises the coast guard – and yes everytime we go on these operations we are accompanied by members of BSAG and regular elements of the Belize Defense Force.”