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Police destroy large cache of drugs collected in the Belize District

The Police Department destroyed a large cache of drugs today. The routine process is one that should be held every six months by the various formations. Today’s destruction was executed by the formations in Regions one, two and three of the Belize District. It does not include drugs confiscated by the San Pedro and Caye Caulker formations. Commander of Region three, Sr. Superintendent Ralph Moody says the stock include drugs that police found during searches and others that were part of cases that have concluded at the courts. That stock includes marijuana and crack, cocaine. Police also destroyed another stash of substance suspected to include drugs that was taken from a well-known importer who was unable to produce a license for its importation into Belize.

Sr. Spt. Ralph Moody Officer Commanding Region 3: “These drugs at this present moment, we are looking at at least a year, a year and a half amount of drugs that we have here. What happened is that the process took us a bit of time to really get it done but I can guarantee you within the next six months we will be doing another drug destruction. What happened is of recent we are finding a large amount of Cannabis within Belize City so it is creating some mis comfort within the exhibit room within Belize City so we need to do drug destruction regularly. I only work in Dangriga, San Ignacio and Benque. These drugs are in much more quantity than those areas. In the district it was a much smaller amount of drugs that we recovered. As you see we have people from the Court that represent: we have JP, we have forensic, we have the exhibit keeper, we have the persons who is in charge of the prosecution branch and as well myself who is overall in charge of the exhibit room and region 2 so we take everything into the consideration. We don’t want to have any surprises so we have maximum security present at this moment.

Police say the San Pedro and Caye Caulker formations should be conducting their destruction soon.