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Police Detain Suspects for Car Washer Murder

On Monday afternoon, another Belize City resident was targeted and killed, this time in broad daylight and in public. Forty-four-year-old Arthur Flowers, also known as “Taz”, was shot once in the head and killed near the corners of Handyside and Queen Streets. Reports are that it was a lone gunman who then fled the scene. The latest homicide happened just about two blocks from the Queen Street police station, and it was not the first time criminal elements have moved so brazenly. Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie and Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams responded to questions about the crime being committed so closely to the station. DCP Wiliams says they have detained 3 suspects.

DCP Chester Williams: “Yesterday some time around 3 pm thereabout,  Police was called to the corner of Daily St. and Queen St. where they saw the lifeless body of one Arthur  Flowers. He was suffering from apparent gunshot wounds to head. He was take to the KHMH where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Police investigation into that matter so far revealed that Flowers was standing at the corner of the lane when we he was accosted by a lone gunman who pointed a gun at him and fired one single shot causing fatal injuries. We have since intercepted a vehicle the we believe was involved in the shooting and we have three persons detained that we are investigating.”

Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie: “Crimes can happen at  anywhere Jules. Crimes can happen in front of the Police station, crimes have happened within the compound of the Police station, so don’t tell me that cirme can’t happen. I always insist that when these incidents happen we need to get on the ground as quickly as possible and try to seek the cooperation of the witnesses and the public and that is what we can do. Crime will happen.”

Reporter “But it shouldn’t happen, inside the Police station yes it has, outside the Police station yes it has and  on the block of the Police station. Is it indicative of a growing sense of disrespect by outlaws for the lawmen and women?”

Allen Whylie: “No man I don’t know how you can try and put that comparison of disrespect for the Police. I think it’s disrespect to the citizens that they are doing it to, it’s not disrespect to the Police, the Police have a job to do and you have to understand that the criminal elements will always be out there operating. We can’t be at every street corner but we are doing the best that we are able to do under the circumstances, nobody told the PolIce or the individual who was shot that he would have been shot because if he knew he would have been shot I’m certain he would have taken preventative action so I think it’s unfair of what you are trying to do in terms of the Police.”