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Police discovery of explosive may have saved lives

An explosive device with a radius blast of 200 meters was found on Saturday morning in Belize City. Members of the Special Assignment Team found the rigid threaded plastic detonator type explosive with one 16 volt battery and two 15 feet electrical wires. The detonator was not found. Authorities believe that the explosive may have been the property of a company which was conducting seismic testing in Belize. Hipolito Novelo reports.

Operations Commander, ACP Edward Broaster.

“We are always concerned about explosives found anywhere in the country. We are working tirelessly to try and find out where it came from and who may have placed it there so we are working hard at that.”

The seismic 2.2 pound of pure explosive was found in a canister in the area of Vernon Street in Belize City on Saturday morning. With it the Special Assignment Team found a 16 volt battery and two 15 feet electrical wires. The device was turned over to the Belize Defence Force.

Brig. Gen. David Jones, Commander, BDF

“It is actually live explosive used primarily for seismic testing. It is a dangerous piece of explosive as well. If anyone was in close proximity to it when it would have been detonated it could have caused fatalities. It’s actually about 2.2 pounds of explosives so it’s a lot inside that canister. That particular explosive should not be in the streets of Belize City or in any urban area whatsoever.”

Not found along with the explosive was the detonator.

Brig. Gen. David Jones, Commander, BDF

“The charge is complete and intact. There is a battery that is used as the power source to set off a detonator that would actually initiate that explosive. All that was missing was the detonator which is the last thing that you would have before you set that particular explosion off.”

And if that explosive would have gone off, it would have been fatal who anyone within 10 to 15 meters of the blast range.

Brig. Gen. David Jones, Commander, BDF

“The blast for such a device you would create injuries up to about 200 meters, if you were within 10-15 meters there could have been fatalities. The difference with the grenades is that they have a secondary effect apart from the explosive that is inside the grenade also has fragments which creates that extra fatality because it has that metal fragments that will tear your body apart. So those fragments from inside the grenade were not present here it was just the raw explosives so the danger from it would have been the blast so that blast that would come out would create that damage onto the body because it creates that powerful gas that provides that push so for someone close to it it could have broken off limbs or tear someone’s body in two or which is also possible the blast from the explosive if your mouth is open it could go through your nose and rupture your nose. Now the extent with the grenade it comes with the additional shrapnel so it’s that 400 meters and hour speed that comes from the shrapnel that also tears your body apart.”


According to BDF Commander Brigadier General David Jones the explosive may have belonged to a company which conducted or is still conducting seismic testing in Belize. He believes more explosives are in the hands of civilians.

Brig. Gen. David Jones, Commander, BDF:

“I suspect that someone stole it or there was some negligence in regards to how those explosives came onto the streets of Belize City but indications are that there are probably more on the streets of Belize City and those things need to come off the streets, there needs to be an investigation done as to who was responsible for conducting seismic testing in Belize if they are still doing it what their procedures were to issue them to use them and to account for them because that being on the street shows that there was some form of negligence in accountability. You can find some information on these things on the internet and on Google and you could also get information from the people who were working with the company who was conducting the seismic testing so it’s quite easy for someone who wants to do something malicious to do something malicious or find out about it and gain the knowledge and use it for the wrong purposes but these things I suspect are still on the streets of Belize City and we need to be careful and try to find out where the rest of them are or what went wrong as to why this particular type of explosive was on the streets.”

Reporting for Love News, I am Hipolito Novelo.