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Police discuss first 72 hours of Operation ACT

On Friday the Belize Police Department launched Operation ACT, Addressing Crime Together. The department has increased police presence in Southside Belize City targeting criminal elements in efforts to curb the surge of violent crimes in that area. This morning at the police press briefing, Central Regional Commander ACP Dezerie Magdaleno said the public has been cooperating with the department.

Desiree Phillips, Officer Commanding Eastern Division

“Operation ACT that was launched on Friday as you well know it’s about 72 hours into it, we have been able to conduct quite a number of house searches and raid some bases. We have been able to apprehend persons who were wanted for a period of time who we were not able to apprehend that has been done during the operation and I want to say that the kind of feedback we are getting from the community especially by the means of the two cell phones acquired for this purpose has been overwhelming. I’ve been missing some calls but at least I have been returning some calls so a lot of information flow is there and it has been very good. In terms of the cooperation from the public some suggestions made for which we will be looking into but at the same time we ask the public to continue to work with us, continue to provide us with the kind of information that you have that we know is useful for us as well as those you may feel not useful they may very be and I want to ask those who have not made contact as yet to feel free and do so.”

Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie, who was also present at this morning’s briefing, says they are also monitoring the progress of the operation and where there is a need to make changes,  they will be implemented.

Allen Whylie, Commissioner of Police

“We have had a number of our assets, human as well as vehicular resources deployed in the three key areas that have been identified and yes two shooting incidents have occurred since Friday that we are presently investigating. We will continue to meet today to look in terms of our areas of operation and the current deployment that we have on the streets and where we need to make some changes and tweak those changes will be done. I must say that we are out there, we will continue to be out there, we continue to appeal for the citizens of this country to continue to provide information to the police and where we are today we did not get there overnight and so I want to be clear to say that although we are out there that crimes will occur but we will be dealing as much as we are able to deal with those.”