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Police Explore Several Angles into Jemmot’s Death

Jasmine Suzanne Hartin – she is the person of interest that Police are hoping would help them fill the holes of the investigation into Superintendent’s Henry Jemott’s death. The problem is that she is not cooperating, and there does exist the possibility of political interference since Hartin is girlfriend to hotel owner, Andrew Ashcroft, the son of Lord Michael Ashcroft. According to Police Commissioner Chester Williams the public need not worry about any political meddling.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Mr.Jemmott served this department for a number of years and if it is that someone is responsible for his death we owe it to him to ensure that we investigate properly and bring that person or those persons to justice. I can emphatically state that I have not received any calls, call or calls, from anybody above me directing that we deal with the matter in one way or the other. As the Commissioner it is my duty to brief the Prime Minister and to brief my minister. I briefed both of them this morning on the matter and both of them said that we must investigate the matter and the chips may fall where they may. While I don’t need the political director to tell me how to do my job I am comforted to know that both the Prime Minister and our minister support the fact that we must investigate the death of our fallen brother and if anyone is responsible that that person be dealt with to the strictest extent of the law to ensure that justice is served at the end and that is what we’re going to do. From a statement I read the first person who arrived on the scene after the incident occurred has said that she was somewhat in an emotional state pacing herself on the pier and so we believe that she is to some extent affected by it and so we’ll how that goes. I wish that they would both have known that they should not have been out during curfew. If they had remained within the confines of their home, in their respective home then maybe this would not have occurred but the fact that it was during curfew hours does not change the fact as to what may have occurred. If it is that the evidence shows that she is the one who caused his death then we will follow the evidence.”

Superintendent Jemmott had only recently been transferred to Belize City from San Ignacio. The Police Commissioner says it was only until after the officer’s death that he was briefed on some personal issues that the senior cop was experiencing.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I know that Mr.Noble had informed me on Wednesday that Jemmott was in San Pedro, I thought that it was only for that day and he returned. It was after I spoke to Mr.Rosado last night following the incident that Rosado gave me a historic background as to Mr.Jemmott’s issues and why he granted him time off and I guess he took the time off and went to caye. One thing we have found out is that he had gone fishing I think it was on Wednesday. He spoke to one of his squad brothers Mr.Rivero and according to Mr.Rivero Jemmott was boasting about his fishing trip and the fishes that he caught so it is evident that he might have gone out at sea fishing on Wednesday. I am not going to go into specifics of his personal issues. At this time I think that we owe him that respect to not venture that road but rather to look at the evidence that we currently have as well as the evidence that we will collect henceforth and see where it takes us in our investigation of this matter.”

Police Commissioner Williams explained that the investigating team headed by Senior Superintendent Alejandro Cowo is also looking into the angle that it may have been an accidental death.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Of course as investigators we have to look at the entire situation with an open mind and that is a possibility we’re looking at but so far we have not had any indication to suggest that there was any third actor.”

Reporter:  Any surveillance footage evidence ?

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “At this time no. I have dispatched two of our senior investigators to San Pedro. Superintendent Cowo who is OC CIB Belize City is in charge of that investigation and he’s assisted by Inspector Cawich who is in charge of CIB at precinct 3 and we have other investigators we have Sergeant Woods in San Pedro he’ll be a part of that team as well. So we anticipate that we have a good team to look at the investigation in a holistic manner to see what we can get from it.”

Reporter: Have authorities considered accidental ?

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “That’s an avenue we’re also looking at. We have to look at every possibility.”