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Police to extend GREAT Program to inmates

Commander Gillett has also established a working relationship with the Wagner’s Youth Facility at the Belize Central Prison. Today he addressed the inmates on a number of things including conflict resolution, anger management, bullying and gang violence. According to the Commander, the department will extend its work with the inmates by introducing the Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT) program in the facility.

Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett:“We are very cognizant that these young people who are in that facility will be out on the streets very soon so we have to do our part to help to reform them and the subject matter that I addressed this morning was bullying, anger management, conflict resolution and I am very pleased to tell the nation that very shortly I believe by next week we will be introducing the Gang Resistance Education and Training program. That’s a US sponsored Program we will be introducing it to the Wagner’s Facility. It is going outside the box because that was intended for Std. 4 students in Primary School but we see the need for it and we have the full consent of the US Embassy to go ahead and implement it at the Wagner’s Facility and that program itself I am sure by what we have seen in the past will assist these young people.”