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Police failed to assist mother and son

A mother and son were allegedly assaulted by Chinese business owners and police never responded to their emergency call.  Toledo Correspondent, Paul Mahung has the story.

Paul Mahung: A Punta Gorda resident remains concerned about what she claims is an assault that could have turned fatal for her and her young adult son. A very concerned mother, Janel Borland spoke to Love News.

Janel Borland, Concerned Mother: “My and my son Solomon was selling some pears at the PG Stall where they have the market and right next to an Asian shop. My son asked me if I wanted a soft drink and he went to buy the soft  drink and when he brought the soft drink I started to drink the soft drink and the Chiney boy came right behind my son and he was vex because my son did not pay him the shilling but I told him “Chiney bwai I’m drinking the soft drink right next to your shop I will give you the pint right now.” But he looked like he was vex so my son went to give him the twenty five cents and in that event they started a little struggle and I went there to pacify the fight and then my son moved away. When I finished drinking the soft drink I went back to give the pint and the Chiney young man came out and assaulted me, he just pushed me like really hard and I almost fell. My son saw that and he came at the same time and then a big riot started there between my son and the Chiney boy and the father for the Chiney boy came out of the store with a big machete. I told my son to run and so he ran over to the other side and when he ran over to the other side both of them chased behind him and fought with him and the Chiney man was chopping like crazy trying to chop my son’s head. I jumped in there and I tried to part them because we were not looking for any fight or any kind of thing like that and my son got away and ran again and they still ran behind him with the machete and caught up with him where the Chiney boy was choking him and the father was trying to chop him in his head. I had to really intervene and so I grabbed the Chiney man so they didn’t hurt my son any further. I’m saying this because it’s already in the police’s hands, I’m saying this because this is not the first time that this man has done this, they have done it to several people they have assaulted several local people here in town who are afraid to come up and speak up and something needs to get done about it because that was an uncalled for situation where both my son and myself could have lost our lives if I was an ignorant person.”

Reporter: Did your son received any machete wounds ?

Janel Borland, Concerned Mother: “Yes the machete had grazed him in the back of his neck and that is when I got really upset and I got frightened and in that moment when I saw the blood like that I rushed towards them when the Chiney man was chopping because he was chopping like crazy like he really wanted to kill my son and everybody saw it and people were screaming.”

Reporter: Did you call for the police ?

Janel Borland, Concerned Mother: “We called for the police but they never did come because there was only one police at the station. We are concerned about our lives because we know that these people here they have money and we know what role the money plays also.”

Paul Mahung: Borland met with the officer in command of the Toledo Police formation Assistant Superintendent of Police Francisco Ack regarding the incident and was assured that the matter is being looked into. Love News was informed that an investigation is in progress and once completed appropriate measures will be taken by police to deal with anyone who committed a criminal offence during the incident which occurred outside Alvin’s Store in the vicinity of the Punta Gorda Central Park and market.