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The police find drugs and ammunition and a marijuana plantation

2018 was a successful year for the Belize Police Department in its efforts to recover drugs and ammunition from overgrown and abandoned lots in Belize City. 2019 seems to be promising in the recovery efforts as well. On the third of January at 4:30 p.m., officers in the Jasmine Street area decided to search a bushy area. After combing the foliage, they found two bags, one containing 10.73 grams of cannabis and another with nine live 9mm rounds of ammunition. No one was in the area to detain, therefore the items were labeled and deposited as ‘found property’.


Other officers who are also well trained in recovery of illicit and illegal items, had a successful operation between the Old Well Road and the Hollywood area of Ladyville. The officers went to the path on Thursday and at 11:30 a.m., their attention was drawn to a busy area. Careful inspection of the foliage led to the uncovering of a black 9mm pistol with serial number CZ75P-07 along with its magazine containing six live rounds. Since there was no suspect in the bus, the officers deposited the items at the police department as found property.







Officers in the Orange Walk District were not outdone by the City cops as they too are experienced in traversing through the vegetation of clandestine farms. That same day, at 6:20 a.m., Orange walk police visited an area three miles northwest of Neuland Mennonite Community.  In a field, the police found 2 small marijuana plantations with 500 prime and blossoming marijuana ready for harvesting ranging from 3 to 6 feet tall.  No one was in the area at the time, and as a result the plants with their mature buds were extracted and burnt onsite.









But the police’s ability at finding drugs is not only in the bush but also on the highway. On Wednesday officers on the Phillip Goldson Highway saw two men on a motorcycle heading towards Carmelita Village. They evaded capture, however, the cops pounced upon them in Carmelita.  Inside an orange handbag, they discovered 5 black plastic bags with cannabis weighing 5245 grams.  The two men 36-year-old Edwardo Chuck and 25-year-old Juan Carlos Reimundo were detained. The police say Reimundo plead guilty and was sentenced to two years in prison and a ten thousand dollars fine. The charge against Edwardo Chuck was not withdrawn and was offered bail at six thousand dollars which he did not meet. The case continues on the fifth of March.