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Police find missing boat as they follow the case of Mapp Caye’s missing men

Police have made a new find, though not much of a breakthrough, in their investigation into the case of the missing men, Evan Neal and Anthony Reneau. The men were discovered missing on January 14 after a check on Mapp Caye, where they were last known to be. Neal, the owner of the caye and Reneau were nowhere to be found and had last been seen alive the week before. The watchman, Edinio Enso Humes was found dead. He had been shot and his body dumped in a latrine. Police reported then that two small boats were also missing from the island. Since then, police say they have conducted checks on and around the island almost on a weekly basis. Nothing turned up until yesterday. ASP Alejandro Cowo says that investigators, along with the Belize Coast Guard personnel, were once again in the vicinity of Mapp Caye and came upon two boats. One of these is believed to be one of the boats taken from Mapp Caye.

ASP Alejandro Cowo Head of CIB: “Between some mangroves Police found one of the boats that was reported missing by the name of Shannon along with this engine. That boat was found between the mangroves. It was checked by Police but there was nothing else found, only small fishing equipments inside of it. Since the investigation as I had mentioned there were several instances where Police were visiting that area. That area is a big area that has many channels so there are different channels that Police have been going through until fortunately yesterday they went through one of them where they found that boat and another boat that was reported missing about four years ago. One of the boats that was reported missing was submerged and it was brought out by personnel of the Coast Guard. We have verified it and we have gotten an address and we know the owner of the boat so we are looking for him at this moment, we know that he is alive. The boat has been missing since 2017 and so through Facebook we were able to know who the owner was and also because it still had the registration number, the name of the boat and the license sticker from the port authority.”

Evan Neal and Anthony Reneau remain missing. Neal’s family have said that they do not suspect his disappearance is drug related