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Police find partial human remains

It’s been three weeks since Anisha Young went missing after an office party and socializing along the entertainment strip in Belize City. Coworkers and her boyfriend were questioned by the police about her whereabouts. The trail appeared to be getting cold but the police say that they have uncovered evidence in Maskall Village – strands of hair attached to a weave was found in a shallow grave along with skin that comes from the bottom of human feet. It’s important to note, that the police are not saying it’s her. However, circumstantial evidence is that the area in which the evidence is found, according to Alejandro Cowo from the National Criminal Investigations Branch, is about a quarter mile from a location that is associated to a person who was initially questioned by the police.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “On Saturday I know that the family was conducting their searches in the Burrell Boom area and after that they had received some information about a smell coming out of a yard in the Maskal area. As a result the family proceeded there and it’s about a mile of the Phillip Goldson Highway, a mile into Maskal and it’s about maybe 150 yards inside of an area within a swampy area where they found a small shallow grave and inside of the shallow grave a wig was found and also suspected human flesh was found inside of the shallow grave. The scene was processed, the wig and the suspected human flesh was collected and on Sunday morning the pathologist examined the human remains and he confirmed that it is the human remains and that it is a planter skin of the body. Planter skin is the skin at the bottom of your foot, we cannot tell you it is that of the missing female or if it is that of somebody else. It’s a matter that the sample is held as exhibit and we have to test it via DNA test to determine whether it belongs to her or to somebody else.”

Dalilah Ical: “Is the boyfriend still a suspect? is he cooperating?”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “He is still suspect for us but we have to gather the evidence so that we can put up a case against him.”

Reporter: “That area where the discovery was made, is it made anywhere that anybody has been detained in connection with this particular crime?”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “Yes it’s about maybe a quarter mile from the location I believe.”

The family of Anisha Young has been searching the area in Maskall Village over the weekend and has resumed their search again today.